Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Living Local Brochure

Below are images of our new tri-fold brochure.  See link at bottom to print out your own copy.

Click image above to enlarge

 Here is a link to print out a copy of the brochure.

New Living Local Logo

The Living Local organization is proud to present its new logo.

Living Local can exist in big cities, to any-town U.S.A. It’s everywhere. It embodies community and the support from everyone it touches in order for it to have a sustainable future.

Logo Colors were chosen to evoke emotion and to stimulate a pro-active attitude towards supporting our local businesses and professionals. The tree represents our beloved New England, ever growing, and strong. The leaves symbolize the vibrant diversity in our communities for many generations to come.

The Logo Font was selected to stand proud along with our ‘American Elm Tree’ graphic. It’s strong, bold, and clean.

Look for this new logo where you EAT. SHOP. LIVE so you can be sure that you are supporting local independent small businesses.